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I am here to report fuckcattle genocide and die lude genocide and rape genocide, and zooaphilia genocide and the dog sex genocide, and the non human entity invasion into the lives of Human Beings Genocide, and the spouses of mankind being raped out of their houses genocide; I know that Humanity is in great danger and am here to report the evil that have fallen especially against Middle Colored Peoples.

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I am not really into private chat;


I do not have a usual schedule;




I am interested in ending the fuckcattle genocide. and Reporting the evil that have fallen upon Humanity as My Kind by the non human animalbase creatures and non human transformers against humanity and animal reincarnates; especially evil have fallen upon humanity by non human entities;


I am hoping many people come to this website to confess the evil that is against them;








North America

Have anyone human or non human recently raped you into the present condition you are in

I am a fighter against strange creatures who are against Humanity, I fight them everyday they are indeed rape against Heterosexual Mankind and Heterosexual Womenkind.

Do you feel that non humans are a friend or enemy of you and Humanity

Well mostly Humans are a friend of Humans, Humans are Mostly Safe with Human, and on the occassion humanity find a compatible non human that can help them without abominating human life by introducing incompatible species in the same area.

How do you feel about animals and dogs having sex with human beings

I hate animals and dogs having sex with human beings, I know for the most of the history of Humanity gods and demons and other beings did not enven prepare the body of mankind and womenkind to restrain from impurity feelings towards animals such gods and demons and non humans were animals themselves or came from animals themselves.

Do you feel like you are poor or wealthy Yes I am wealthy I make more then $100,000/I am middle class I make Around $50,000 or more and less then $100,000/I am a working class I make Less then $50,000 and more then $9,000/I am poor at the moment I make less then $5,000 per year/

I make enough money to survive; money does seem to be comming and going but does not seem to be getting her on time but may come on time.

Do you feel sad and stressful all the time

Yes I often have stress but it goes away sometimes.

Do you feel like dying sometimes

Well I do survive death.

How do you feel about LGBT People

I did not agree that Humans could be LGBT I always wanted Human Beings to be Heterosexual, but cultures of people who are sin must eventually fade away for the sin that they are as the sin that they LGBT is something that must eventually die away as the very culture it is, but does who have been wronged by not being LGBT but having been forced to be raped by LGBT must survive the LGBT invasion against Heterosexual Mankind and Womenkind.

How do you feel about Strait Heterosexual People

I am a strait Heterosexual Person and I appreciate being a Heterosexual.

If you are a Male or a Female do you Like Women as a People or do you Hate Women as a People

I as a Male Generally Like Women as a People, and do understand that some women are Okay and some women are evil, the okay women is who I appreciate.

If you are a Male or a Female do you Like Men as a People or do you Hate Men as a People

I am a Man and I do Have a Male Perspective to Have a Comfort Zone Between Men and Men which mean though I do not hate men as a people I keep my distance.

Do you feel that you would kill evil beings that wish to eat human beings as a food

Yes I do feel that I would kill evil beings that eat Mankind.

Do you feel that the presence of strange creatures among Human Like People is Upnearving and causing great stress and desire to take revenge to make them leave human world and territory.

Yes the invasion of non human does cause me to be nervous and I hate the non human invasion into the homes and bodies of human beings and cities of human beings, and I would like for them to leave the territory of human beings.

Are You a Worshiper or Non Worshiper

I am a Non Worshiper I do not worship, Non Worshing is Greater then Worshiping most of the gods that had been worshiped had not benefactured Humanity Greatly.

Do you understand what is genocide

Yes I hate genocide especially of my own kind I hate when my own kind is being genocided and would wish the genocider to be killed and prevented from killing my kind, in general illegal killings of large sums of innocent people irritate me.

Do you understand the difference between sex with a human and sex with an animal or animal like being.

Yes I clearly understand what is sex with a human which is legaland what is illegal which is sex between an animal and a human, and I do understand that sex between humans and non humans is not legal.

Do you think eating a human is evil and would defend yourself as a human if something tried to eat you.

Yes I experience it all the time evil creatures as gods trying to eat me not only are gods trying to eat me demons and devils and evil beings are trying to eat me there are evil clones of me they make in spirit who are trying to eat me, gods devils devas demons are cannibals against humanity, I surive being eaten by having Powers not to be eaten and having friends to help me agasint the eaters of me.

Do you Know that the Human Race Deserve to Survive If the Human Race Prove that the Human Race will Help Each Other Surviive

Yes Human Beings must prove they are Higher Inteligent Life Forms human beings face a great upevil of clones trying to replace human beings, Human Beings must survive by helping themselves and by helping each other.

Explain in a Short Assay What is Your Objective in Life What do you seek to accomplish in life.

Well I seek to achieve a More Perfect Possibility, I seek to save my kind from genocide, I seek to save my kind from dilude, I wish to save myself from being eaten by evil non human entities, I wish to give myself powers to protect myself, I wish to help Approved Humanity to become Powers to help themselves, I wish to save my sisters from dying under fuckcattle genocide and dilude. I wish to save my children from dying of fuckcattle genocide and dilude. I wish to achive a More Perfect Possibility.


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