Brown Skin Women Ascertained by force and deceit iby animal reincarnate zooaphiles;

Brown Skin women are being taken by force and deception by zooaphiles not only as whites but as any race color or nationality, the war of gods, devils, demons, devas, universes entities, transformers is that evil against Mankind as Brown Peoples; Mankind as Brown Peoples especially the house of Marcs which is Me GreatnessMarc Marc House is being pillaged by gods etc. stopping me from having the Power to save my family as a people to bring them together many of them are forced into zooaphilia by gods and transformers breaking into their head and writing evil crack code to make them zooaphile me and my Spiritual Other World Friends are working on the case to set my kind free of zooaphile gods devils devas and demons and transformers and animals and animal transformers and beings that dwell in all things alls such evil beings must be defeated by Mankind as a Greater Power which we Are Becoming.

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